Role: Creative Director 

Job Description:

Creative Director Skills and Qualifications:

We are seeking a well-rounded Creative Director with 10+ years of experience in a fast-paced agency environment, including at least five years of creating or managing digital projects or clients. We are looking for a leader who understands how to manage teams in a way that gets the most out of them and the work. The selected candidate should be a strategic thinker who can partner at the “director” level with others on a client team (Account Director, Planning Director, etc.) to plan and execute client work. We are looking for someone who is used to rolling up their sleeves and getting work done themselves if need be. The successful candidate must have an insatiable desire to learn and improve both their creative skills and their management skills.

Skill sets:

Project Management, Foster Teamwork, Positioning, Organization, Coaching, Promoting Process Improvement, Proactive, Marketing Research, Client Relationships, Developing Creative Standards, Productivity.

Resume (pdf, doc, docx - Under 2MB)